Aoi Tokura (都倉碧 Tokura Aoi) is the main protagonist in "Rainy Cocoa". He is a 19-year-old college freshman with an older brother he lives with. Initially, he had disliked Keiichi Iwase very strongly, the man he couldn't help but stare at on the train, for calling him a creeper.


He has sapphire blue eyes and amber blonde hair. Because of his soft facial features, he is often mistaken as a girl at the cafe he works part-time for, "Rainy Color". He usually wears a cloudy gray collared shirt with red tie and light black pants along with sneakers. While working, he can be seen adorning an earthy brown colored apron with "Rainy Color" logo on it.

Personality Edit

He is an average guy and is often confused at his feelings for Keiichi Iwase. He enjoys working at the cafe "Rainy Color". He respects his older brother and gets offended by Keiichi's word very quickly.

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